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AZ-GL-901 Countertop Bonding Adhesive


Product Detail

Mix ratio:A:B=1:1                       

Color:Colorless and transparent liquid.                               




Gel time(25℃,min): 10-20                                     

 Hardening time(25℃,h):1-2                   

Tensile shear strength(MPa):≥12 

It is mainly used for the bonding and repair of stone, the double side of the countertop, and also has a good bonding effect on ceramics, metal and concrete. 


[performance characteristics]

This product is modified fast curing epoxy stone glue with high bonding strength, fast curing speed, low temperature curable and easy to use. Water, oil and aging resistance.

【Product advantages】

1. Fast curing, 1 hour initial curing positioning under normal temperature conditions;

2. High bonding strength, shear strength after curing is above 10MPa;

3. Excellent resistance to media and aging resistance;

4. The product complies with GB18583, GB30982 standard, EU ROHS directive standard, and belongs to green environmental protection products.


1. The requirements of bonding surface

(1) The water used for the cleaning of the board should be clean and non-polluting fresh water;

(2)The board to be bonded should be free of impurities such as dust, dirt, sand and oil;

(3) The board to be bonded must be dry and can be dried by drying or naturally drying;

(4)The bonding surfaces of the plates to be bonded must be flat or match each other.

2.Prepare the glue and mix

(1) Mix the rubber in proportion A:B=1:1 (weight ratio) and mix well;

(2)The glue should be used now. After the glue is adjusted, it must be used up within the available time. If the glue exceeds the available time, the glue will be hot.

Phenomenon should be stopped immediately; the more the amount of glue is adjusted, the higher the temperature, the shorter the time that can be used, and the longer it is;

If the amount of sexual adjustment is too large, it should be used separately and quickly;

(3) Do not mix the cover of component A and B. Please cover the cover at any time to avoid absorbing moisture from the air and falling into the ash.


(4)Always use special toner when grading. The maximum amount of toner is 0.5% of the amount of glue.The colorant will affect the curing speed and bonding strength of the glue;

(5) If the temperature is low, the viscosity of the glue is large, and it is inconvenient to use. It is heated in a water bath of 40-60℃ to make the viscosity smaller, so as to adjust the glue.

3.Spreading the glue

(1)The ideal temperature for sheet metal coating is 25-35 ° C, and the air humidity is less than 75%;

(2)Use a scraper to scrape the glue and apply the glue evenly on the plate. According to the looseness of the material, single or double can be used.


3)The thickness of the glue should be appropriate. Under normal circumstances, the thinner the rubber layer, the smaller the defect, the smaller the deformation, the smaller the shrinkage, and the smaller the internal stress.The higher the bonding strength, the thickness of the adhesive layer is generally controlled to be 0.2-0.3 mm on the premise of ensuring no glue shortage.

4. Bonding, pressure

(1) Bonding the plates, reciprocating the plates by hand and applying pressure to remove the air between the plates, so that the glue is fully filled, it is necessary to

Have proper glue outflow;

(2)Align and press the plate up and down, the pressure should be evenly distributed, and the pressure method can be based on the actual situation.

And set.


( 1)After standing under pressure, it can be solidified. It can be loosened after being cured at room temperature (25℃) for 1-2 hours. After 24 hours, it can be put into the next process.

(2)The construction temperature should not be lower than 5℃. When the ambient temperature is lower than 15℃, the curing speed of the glue will be significantly slowed down.

Heating is used to promote curing; when the temperature is low in winter, the bonded sheets can be placed in a baking room at 50-60℃.

Heat evenly for 2-3 hours, then naturally cool to room temperature to enter the next process;

(3)Recommended process: After the adhesive layer is cured at 25-35℃ for 2-4 hours, the bonded sheet is placed in the dry room,After that, the temperature is raised to 60℃for 1 hour, and then the temperature is raised to 80℃for 1 hour, and then dried in the room.Cool to room temperature and relieve pressure.

(4) Do not move the sheet before the glue is initially cured.

6.clean up

Before the glue is uncured, please use special cleaning agent to clean it and use it. The glue on the edge of the stone is not solidified.

Please scrape off the excess glue before.

AZ-GL-901 Countertop Bonding Adhesive
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