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AZ-ST-20 Sewage Treatment Equipment Patented product


Product Detail

operation power: 0.5KW; washing power: 4.5kw; inlet turbidity: ≤ 200; outlet turbidity: ≤ 20; voltage: 380V; filtration precision: 3-5 μ m; SS content: ≤ 15; removal rate: ≥ 85%; design flow: 20-25t / h (slightly deviated according to the actual use)


Sewage treatment;It can make the slab surface cleaner and more beautiful, run without electricity and save money, and have zero sewage discharge and environmental protection; clean effluent to meet terminal water requirements; large flow rate to meet terminal water demand; stable performance and low operating costs; it can operate 24 hours a day without interruption;

Size:  According to the field demand, it is about 10 square meters

Weight: Net weight: about 10 tons;Gross weight: about 20 tons (in operation)

Special declaration:

1,This equipment is only for stone powder, and does not take into account the color of the water body. If the turbidity increases due to the color, it is not within the acceptance range of the equipment. For example: the stone water body contains a large amount of colloids and other solvents, which will cause the overall circulating water turbidity to increase (agents can be used) Blending to remove colloids and peculiar smells in the water)

2,The design life of this equipment is about 8-10 years (with slight deviation according to the customer's use conditions)

Auxiliary materials:


Marble dedicated:PAM  PAC

For granite, quartz stone:Compound oxidant (can alleviate colloid, color, odor and bonding pipe problems in water)

Inorganic terrazzo: Pure Water No. 1 (It can relieve that the alkalinity of water corrodes the equipment)

2,Automatic dosing equipment:

With the use of chemicals, it can achieve automatic and accurate delivery, and the use effect will be better

AZ-ST-20 Sewage Treatment Equipment Patented product
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