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         Anmyz industry Limited is famous for its technology innovation. In 1999, an enterprise R & D center was established with an investment of 15 million yuan. In 2004, it was identified as "Guangdong building ceramic engineering technology research and development center" and in 2005, it was identified as "Guangdong enterprise technology center". As of December 2015, a total of 54 new products and technologies with international advanced and domestic leading level have been developed, and 18 national and provincial science and technology projects have been undertaken, including 6 national projects and 5 provincial projects, including 1 National Science and technology support plan project, 2 National Torch Plan projects and 2 National key new product projects. In 2008, the company was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, and in 2010, it was rated as a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch plan. Over the years, products and technology projects have won provincial, municipal and district science and technology progress awards and other awards. By the end of 2015, there were 13 national and industrial standards, 31 invention patents, 27 utility model patents and 412 design patents.

         In 2013, in order to give full play to the innovation advantages of enterprises and lead the healthy development of the industry, anmyz industry Limited actively strives to create a national enterprise technology center to make use of the company's own advantages in R & D and strong competitiveness to make greater contributions to the "thin" transformation and development of the industry. In December 2013, anmyz industry limited technology center was recognized as "national recognized enterprise technology center" by the national development and Reform Commission and other five ministries and commissions, and was officially established in January 2014, becoming the national enterprise technology center of ceramic industry in Foshan, the world's leading ceramic industry base. At the same time, anmyz industry Limited is also an enterprise in China's ceramic industry, which has three major scientific research and technology platforms: enterprise post doctoral research workstation, provincial academician workstation and national enterprise technology center.


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