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Reinforcement method of natural marble slab: back net and penetration reinforcement

Time: 2021-03-11 22:50:28

Author: Anmyz Industry Limited


There are two main reinforcement methods of marble: back net reinforcement and infiltration reinforcement. The two processing technologies can also be used to reinforce granite, limestone and jade

And so on.

Not all reinforced stone hardness is relatively low, reinforced marble is generally used to cut into marble tabletop majority, due to marble

Table on the hardness requirements are relatively high, the production cost of marble table is relatively high, using the way of marble reinforcement can extend its use


1. Marble back mesh reinforcement: back mesh reinforcement refers to the use of high-strength fiber protection mesh, bonded to the back of the plate through epoxy resin,

After drying, the hardness of the plate is strengthened. As it takes about 24 hours for the epoxy resin to dry naturally, it's OK to speed up the work

The curing time of back net can be shortened by heating in drying furnace.

Back net reinforcement object: generally for the cut marble plate, the marble plate size is generally 2m × 2.5m, back net reinforcement operation

It is troublesome and tedious, too large plate reinforcement operation is easy to damage, crack marble, resulting in losses.

2. Marble penetration reinforcement: which marble penetration reinforcement objects are marble slabs or marble slabs with low hardness or more cracks

Marble. Epoxy resin is selected for penetration reinforcement, and low viscosity epoxy resin with good permeability penetrates into marble

Inside to reduce cracks in marble. It can also directly pour epoxy resin into the whole marble block to cure the marble

The block is being cut.

The object of penetration reinforcement is basically some cracks or crystal particles are too empty.

No matter the natural marble is reinforced by infiltration or back net, there is no harm to the marble itself, and the reinforced marble can still be used

Process and polish.

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